Melissa Monroe, owner

Throughout my 17 years in the aesthetic industry, I have had the privilege to learn from many inspiring leaders and phenomenal people; each person, employee, physician has given me knowledge and insight to bring to your practice and your staff. My principles are based in good leadership skills that allow me to motivate and direct the staff and physicians to collectively go to the next level. Together we will define your goals and I will lead you down the path to a higher level of success.

One of my most impactful experiences came in the early years of my career while employed by The Ritz-Carlton; known worldwide for its reputation of extraordinary service and strong culture. This is where I first learned that no matter how strong the credo is, if it is not translated effectively through the management team to the staff, the next level of success will never be reached. The impact of this experience has stayed with me every day as a reminder of how poor leadership and lack of communication can undermine the best of intentions of a business owner. It is a lesson I do not let myself forget and a mistake that I keep clients from making every day.

I left the Ritz-Carlton with invaluable skills and insight in customer service relations and embarked on my career in management at a popular and well-known MedSpa. The past decade has been spent in positions as an Office Manager, Operations Manager, and Administrator in large, multi-physician, multi-location Dermatology and Plastic Surgery practices. My real-world experience is what sets me apart from other consultants in the industry that have not spent time in the day-to-day operations of a practice. I possess tried and true solutions for every scenario and will not give you advice based on what 'should' work. I know what does work. And what does work cannot be delivered in a cookie cutter solution.

Visit my services page to learn how my firsthand experience in all aspects of management in the aesthetic industry can facilitate growth and success in your practice whether you are an established practice, a transitioning practice, or a startup practice.