"She has been an asset to the practice in so many ways..."

“I have enjoyed working with Melissa over the past 4 years. She has been an asset to the practice in so many ways. I had the opportunity to work closely with Melissa when she organized a large event for plastic surgeons in New Orleans. She worked tirelessly at ensuring success with the speaker program as well as vendor sponsorship and hotel arrangements which resulted in one of the high attendance on record and was enjoyed by all.

Aside from Melissa’s office management skill set she also exhibits a high level of professionalism which enables her to achieve the results expected of her while maintaining relationships that are so valuable in her role. The trust level she has developed while employed with the practice is admirable and I look forward to our continued relationship in the future!"

~ Business Associate

"She's always making sure that everyone leaves with a smile."

"A creative problem solver with a wide range of skills is what comes to mind when I think about Melissa. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her over the last two years, during which time we worked on multiple projects aimed to increase the profitability of the business. Above all, I was impressed with Melissa’s ability to keep calm under pressure and her wiliness to go beyond what is required to accomplish a project. Her comments are well thought out and she clearly articulates them to the key decision makers. And, of course, her sensitivity and concern for others, always making sure that everyone leaves with a smile."

~ Business Associate

"It has been a pleasure to work with her!"

"Melissa is a leader that gets things done.  She is a straight-shooter so you always know where you stand.  She sets the standard high and expects you to be organized and to do your job but she is also always there to help you be successful. A great example of this is when I approached her about growing sales within a new practice she was taking over.  I came to her with an idea that had a few holes in it but Melissa came up with a way to foolproof the plan and immediately helped me to implement it. The project was a success and sales increased, not only in the short term, but this led to a continuous growth in sales.

I have worked together with Melissa over the course of approximately eight years in both Dermatology and Plastic Surgery practices. Characteristics that best describe her, as I know her in a work setting, is that she is organized, direct, disciplined, smart and creative.  Through the years, I have gotten to see a little more of her personality, as a friend, and she is compassionate and loyal.  It has been a pleasure to work with her!"

~ Sales and Business Associate

"Competent, hardworking, and dedicated."

"Melissa is one of the most competent, hardworking and dedicated people I have worked with in a business setting. Her analytical and organizational skill set, and her management style are truly unique and very efficient and effective. I have worked closely with Melissa over the last four years and I have watched her turn around one the largest plastic surgery offices in the South East. In a very short time, she made several accomplishments that no one else had been able to do prior to her joining the office. She implemented a new practice management software system that enables the office to collect data and track everything to accurately calculate the revenues generated on a yearly basis. She fully staffed this office, while opening another location. She was instrumental in negotiating and bringing on three new physicians and has dealt with every detail of the expansion of this practice. These are only a few of her accomplishments that I have witnessed.

Whatever challenge Melissa encounters, she meets it head on with energy and professionalism. She would be a very valuable asset to any team and brings experience, strategy and ideas to the table. She has been one of my favorite people to work with and we have established a very mutually beneficial partnership. I would recommend Melissa in any capacity. She is talented and is a leader."

~ Business Associate

"Melissa, just a quick note to thank you for all that you do. I have said many times that I couldn’t manage without you and I hope you know I am sincere."

~ Practice Owner

"Melissa, I’m so happy to work with you and appreciate all that you do for me and the practice. You are great!"

~ Facial Plastic Surgeon

"Melissa, just a small note to thank you for all that you do. The office has grown fast and you have helped with the growing pains."

~ Practice Owner

"Melissa, we just wanted to let you know that we consider you a valuable addition to our office. In a short time, you have shown your experience and willingness to help out in whatever way needed. It was an easy adjustment for me to refer everything to you."

~ Practice Owners

"Thank you so very much for relieving me of the daily drama of the practice. You are such an outstanding manager and asset to the practice. I am looking forward to watching you grow us to our full potential."

~ Dermatologist/Practice Owner

Wow – what an amazing change you have made for the practice in 2 months. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done.

~ Dermatologist/Practice Owner

This year has been challenging to say the least! I know with you onboard we will continue to move forward and be productive even with the poor economic forecast.

~ Practice Administrator