Manage Investments & Expenses
Is buying that new device worth your investment?

Device salesmen make many promises. Can you truly make your money back with just a few new patients a week? Trendy decisions lead to poor business investments.

Avoid poor decisions and make smart investments.

We perform a full financial review and create a process your team can use to ensure future performance against industry standards. Don't wait to perform this type of review until you are looking to sell or add a partner - periodic evaluations uncover issues early and are often easier to resolve, helping protect your revenues.

Financial engagements include any or all of the following:

  • A plan of action to streamline and lower costs.
  • A customized plan for handling inventory and accountability.
  • Comprehensive report of equipment value, productivity and revenues.

Examples of financial engagement deliverables:

  • Analysis and recommendation of a substantiated purchase.
  • A market report which identifies competitors and guides to establish pricing.
  • Implementation of revenue and sales goals and a program to ensure ROI.
  • Implementation of a revenue tracking framework in a modern PM system.

Any top to bottom assessment will be completed by our financial team of CPAs and Controllers in addition to our consultants.

We'll create a financial strategy that helps you rest easy.