Staff Development & Hiring
A practice succeeds or fails by ways of the staff.

It's a hard reality. A physician or surgeon can be the best in their field or specialty but without a well-structured team around them, the next level of success will not be reached. Effective development of staff skills requires a conscious effort and a structured plan for the manager of the practice. Finding new staff members and accelerating their fit into an organization can be challenging. We take the challenge out of finding new staff members.

We create a successful team.

We help your service providers reach their potential with on-site training and process improvement.

Our staff engagement projects assist with:

  • hiring quality staff and growing your team
  • evaluating employee performance
  • improve your team's customer service
  • optimizing payroll and operation expenses
  • making sure your people are in the right role

Every practice's needs vary. Every solution is customized.

Contact us today to learn more about how we improve your most valuable asset, your people.

Initial Assessment:

Staff-related engagements start with an initial assessment which generally includes the following:

  • Identifying deficiencies and strengths with your current staff.
  • Analyzing and improving your current employee documentation; making sure your staff has access to and understands every process.
  • Evaluating payroll and benefit costs, ensuring your practice has optimized your largest expense.
  • Refining your orientation and on-boarding programs to quickly assimilate new employees into a growing practice.
  • Training your staff in sales, project management, and customer service.

Uncovering all the details helps gain a clear understanding of staff roles and expectations. Assessments are on-site and hands-on.

Project Deliverables

After performing our initial assesment, your team and ours will be in position to prepare the following, if needed:

  • A complete and customized format for personnel files, employee handbook, and job descriptions for every position on-site.
  • Performance evaluation processes, terminantion procedure protocols, and how to determine when necessary.
  • An outlined orientation and new-hire processes for smooth on-boarding of new staff.
  • Much, much more - deliverables vary project to project.
We help your team succeed. A successful team makes a successful practice.