Software Services
Optimizing your choice and utilization of the latest technologies.

It's hard enough to keep up with the latest medical software trends. It's even harder to choose the right vendors and ensure your investment in each pays dividends. That's where we come in.

We specialize in selecting the right technology for your practice. Moreover, we help implement the software as the foundation which the practice will be managed. The wrong software can cripple a practice, but the right choice can replace labor costs and reduce other expenses.

Our participation in the selection, implementation, or reassessment will result in:

  • A manageable and organized process of implementation and training to make it easier for users to get accustomed to the new system.
  • Reduced potential for disruptions to operations and patient care.
  • Less of a negative impact on revenues.
  • Equipment needs identified in advance to maximize budget.
  • Established SOPs to ensure you get the most from the new or current software.

Ten years ago, the market only had a few contenders that stood out in the crowd and accommodated the needs of a medical and or aesthetic practice. Even though in the past five years the top contenders in practice management and EMR systems have distanced themselves from the others and continue to improve and adapt to the market, it doesn't make the selection process simple. The assistance we provide to practices makes this decision easy by evaluating and comparing the companies based on the needs of the practice and the capabilities of each software system.

After selection is made and purchase is complete, we assist in the transition to the new system in every capacity; including the transition from paper charts to EMR. An organized plan will guarantee a successful implementation and the least impact possible to the productivity of the practice.