Adding New Providers
Are you ready to hire another provider?

Adding another provider is a big step for a practice. Before beginning, it is important to evaluate profit & loss and determine how each area will be affected by the practice changes. Additional people capable of administering services creates an increase in patient flow. More patients means your staff, equipment, facilities and processes will need to adjust in order to accommodate for this growth. When advising on new providers, the first thing our team does is make sure you have each of these areas in order and you are ready to handle these changes.

We help you prepare, recruit, and negotiate for new providers.

The Profitable Aesthetics team has experience in identifying the right candidate for clients. Our network lends itself to connecting you to high-quality candidates for the position you need filling. We are versed in market rates and can assist in or handle all your contract negotiations.

To determine if you are ready for another provider, we start with:

  • Performing a complete financial assessment.
  • Reviewing your facilities and arranging the proper accommodation changes.
  • Evaluating your staff's potential to handle more patients and make recommendations for growth if needed.
  • Ensuring you have the equipment needed, based on the skill set of incoming physician.

When you are ready to add another provider, we help by:

  • Identifying the right candidate.
  • Recruiting them to your practice.
  • Handling contract negotiations, offering opinions on how best to structure the deal.
Together we will successfully integrate a new provider into your practice.